Exhaust System

Generally people think their vehicle’s exhaust system is designed only to reduce noise, but it is also responsible for reducing harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere. A properly sealed exhaust system ensures that harmful exhaust fumes are routed out of the tailpipe instead of possibly lingering underneath the vehicle potentially causing a health risk to the occupants. A properly functioning exhaust system is essential for proper vehicle performance and fuel economy.

If you suspect problems with your exhaust, it is important to repair your vehicles exhaust system as soon as possible. Give us a call right away so we can minimize the extent and cost of repairs.

Warning Signs

  • If you hear rattling sounds the most common cause is loose clamps or brackets. Loose clamps and brackets can be tightened but any corroded elements must be replaced.
  • If your vehicle sounds louder than normal or you hear a ticking sound when accelerating may indicate an exhaust leak due to corrosion.
  • If your check engine or service engine light comes on it may indicate a faulty or failing catalytic converter.
  • The smell of rotten eggs or burning could indicate a problem with the catalytic converter.
  • The smell of exhaust fumes may indicate an exhaust leak that can be potential dangerous to you as carbon monoxide may seep into the vehicle.

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