Air Conditioning Repairs

West Vaughan Auto Service has all the necessary equipment and very experienced staff to repair any air conditioning component for all makes and models.

The most likely cause of an automotive air conditioner cooling problem is no refrigerant in the system. If the refrigerant has escaped past a leaky compressor or O-ring seal, leaked out of a pinhole in the evaporator or condenser, or seeped out through a leaky hose, the leak needs to be identified and repaired before the system is recharged.

On many systems, the compressor will not turn on if the refrigerant is low because the "low pressure safety switch" prevents the compressor clutch from engaging if system pressure is low. This protects the compressor from possible damage caused by a lack of lubrication.

It is important to repair your car's air conditioning as soon as possible after a malfunction, to minimize damage to the system. When there is a refrigerant leak it is not only refrigerant that is lost, lubricating oil that is vital to the life of the compressor leaks out as well. If you have problems with your air conditioning, give us a call right away so we can minimize the extent and cost of the repairs.


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